Mentoring small business advice development Entrepreneurship training
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Business Advice is the provision of independent, impartial and confidential information and guidance to potential and established businesses, based on substantial business experience and current knowledge of related factors, so that clients may learn and benefit from that advice in their subsequent actions. By working “through and with” rather than “for” a client, the client comes to own both the problem and the solution and they are motivated to set objectives and take action.

Business Mentoring is an ongoing long-term business advising relationship between an experienced Business Adviser and client that covers a diverse range of topics as a business develops.

Advising and Mentoring are a means to an end – that end is a profitable business, more effectively managed. In all businesses, performance is fundamentally linked to management capability.

Business Consulting is the provision of advisory services to help senior management improve the effectiveness of corporate strategy, process, or operations by assessing business needs and reviewing business functions, plans and directions.



Core Services

  • We offer one-on-one consultations – access to confidential consultations with our trained staff about the business development process.
  • We present a structured series of ongoing progressive business skills workshops.
  • We participate in and offer to our clients an ongoing series of industry-specific networking forums with sector specialists
  • We directly connect clients to relevant business opportunities
  • We provide access to computer facilities, the Internet and business research materials
  • We pride ourselves on our quick response to client queries
  • We support our own services with further referral to a wide range of additional service agencies from a comprehensive directory of business support organisations.
  • We have comprehensive client-tracking processes and monitoring of business impact and progress. Our research into strategies and interventions that impact the SMME environment, help us to develop further services and advise our clients regarding up-to-date strategies.

More initiatives

At the CILLIERS ACCOUNTANTS (Group of companies) we are constantly broadening our understanding of the SMME environment and we develop new strategies and systems to adapt to the changing environment and the needs of SMME’s. Here are some new developments and initiatives that have been adopted recently or are being developed:

The Opportunity Exchange: Many established businesses lack relevant industry-specific information or knowledge on how to access available opportunities. The Opportunity Exchange creates a relevant forum for clients in key sectors such as construction, tourism, arts and crafts, women in business issues and other. This connects entrepreneurs to relevant information and support from our broad network of sector leaders.

Enterprise Development Initiative: CILLIERS ACCOUNTANTS (Group of companies) has formulated a strategy to link our clients directly to business opportunities within key industries. This programme enables us to form strategic partnerships with leading private and public sector companies that are interested in supporting small business.

Accounting Mentorship Programme (AMPS): Recognizing that a large number of clients lack proper bookkeeping systems, CILLIERS ACCOUNTANTS (Group of companies) has set up a programme to help clients develop a proper computerized bookkeeping system through a “learning-by-doing” approach. During the 8 four-hour training sessions, clients are helped to set up their own bookkeeping system. The programme also links each client to a mentor in order to transfer necessary computer literacy skills.